Best PNG To JPG Converter Freeware Tool

PNG to JPG Converter

How to use PNG To JPG Converter Freeware Tool?

Step 1: Visit our New Deals Portal website and navigate to the “Tools” menu. Select “PNG To JPG Converter”.

Step 2: Click on the “Choose File” button to upload your PNG file.

upload png file

Step 3: Adjust the “Quality” slider to meet your JPEG file requirements.

png to jpg compression quality

Step 4: If your PNG file has a transparent background, utilize our “Remove Transparent” feature to save your JPEG file with a white background.

Step 5: To resize your JPEG file, enable the “Enable Image Resizer” box and enter your desired resolution value. Don’t forget to enable “Maintain Aspect Ration” before entering a value in the width or height.

png to jpg image resizer

Step 6: After configuring these settings, click the “Convert To JPG” button.

Step 7: Your JPEG file will be instantly downloaded to your computer.

What is the Difference between PNG & JPG File?

PNG means Portable Network Graphic, it is an image file format used commonly on the internet because of its lossless compression feature. It keeps your original data and maintains high-quality images which you can use for making logos, screenshots and graphics. Because of its lossless compression, its file size is more than a JPEG format image.

It can also store up to 16 million colours and can save transparent images without a background. PNG image supports all types of web browsers and these images can open easily without any issues.

JPG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. This is another image format commonly used for storing digital images. It compresses image data like PNG but it keeps the file size smaller than PNG.

JPEG typically uses 24-bit colors which provide millions of colors but it does not support transparency in images like PNG. People use JPEG files for online sharing, thumbnails, and digital photos. It supports all types of web browsers without any problem.


PNG or JPEG which is better?

If you want any image for printing or need an image with a transparent background for your website then PNG is better and If you want the image in a smaller file size for your website without transparent requirement then go with JPEG file format.

How can I convert PNG to JPG and resize?

You can go to the New Deals Portal website and search for PNG to JPG Converter tool. Using this tool you can convert PNG to JPG, plus resize any image in one attempt.

Can I get converted images under 500KB using the PNG to JPG converter?

Yes. You can use our Quality Slider to optimize your JPEG file size. Whether you need an image under 20KB, 50KB or 500KB, you can easily adjust the slider according to your requirements.

Can I get a high-resolution JPG image without compression after converting from PNG?

Definitely Yes. You can get high-resolution JPG images from our online PNG to JPG tool without losing quality. Just move “Quality Slider” to 100% and you will get your image without any compression.

Can I remove the transparency of the PNG image during Conversion to JPG?

Yes. Just enable the checkbox button “Remove Transparency” and hit the “Convert To JPG” button.

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