Cloudways Black Friday Deals 2023: Flat 40% Discount for 4 months

Cloudways Black Friday Deals 2023

Flat 40% OFF for 4 months
Up to 40 Free Website Migrations
Use our Discount Code

The Black Friday Sale will end on 1st December 2023.
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Are you looking for the Cloudways Black Friday Deals 2023 and want to save more money on the Cloudways hosting plans? If yes, you are in the right place.

During this Black Friday, Cloudways offers a flat 40% Off on all hosting plans for the first 4 months, plus up to 40 free site migrations.

Want to know more details about the deal? Let’s start!

What are the Cloudways Black Friday Deal details?

  • You will get a flat 40% off for the first 4 months.
  • Get up to 40 Free Website Migrations.
  • Use our exclusive Cloudways coupon codeBFCM4040” to avail of this offer.
  • This black Friday deal will end on 1st December 2023.

How To Activate Cloudways Black Friday 2023 Deals?

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to take advantage of Cloudways Black Friday Deals.

Step 1: Use our special link to get 40% off for 4 months on Cloudways.

Step 2: You will be redirected to the Cloudways managed cloud hosting sign-up page. You must create a free account during the black Friday sale.

cloudways sign up bf 2023
Image: Cloudways

Step 3: Fill in all the essential details and enter our Cloudways black friday coupon (BFCM4040) in the “Got a Promo Code?” box.

Step 4: Click the “Sign Up & Claim 40% Off” button.

Step 5: In the final step, you must verify your mobile number and email ID to activate your Cloudways account.

You will get 3-day free trials without a credit card with this Cloudways Black Friday deal. However, you must provide your credit card details to use hosting after the trial period.

Key Features of Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways offers many features, but let’s focus on the major ones. To explore all the features, visit the Cloudways site.

  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
  • Bot protection
  • SSH & SFTP login controls
  • IP whitelisting (for DB access)
  • IaaS-level firewalls
  • Nginx & Apache
  • Varnish & Memcached
  • PHP7-Ready
  • HTTP/2 support
  • Redis support
  • WP-CLI
  • Git and Composer
  • Cron Job Manager
  • RESTful API
  • App & server-level monitoring
  • Free SSL Certificate

Cloudways Black Friday Pricing 2023

As mentioned above, you get 40% off for the first 4 months, plus 40 free website migrations.

So now you might wonder how much money you will have to pay to buy a Cloudways hosting plan during this Black Friday sale.

Let’s explore the pricing plans of 3 different cloud hosting providers from Cloudways.

PlatformsPlans (Standard Price)Discounted Price
Digital Oceans$11$6.60
Google Cloud$37.45$22.47

Last year, 2022, Cloudways was providing a total of 5 cloud hosting providers. But now, in 2023, they removed Vultr and Linode. Plus, Cloudways also increased its plan pricing up to 10%.

1. Digital Ocean plan starts from $11/mo to $88/mo. It includes:

  • RAM 1GB to 8GB
  • Processor 1 Core to 4 Core
  • Storage 25GB to 160GB
  • Bandwidth 1TB to 5TB

If you want to use Cloudways for 1-3 websites, then go with at least a $24/mo plan. You could face performance issues in the 1GB RAM plan ($11/mo).

2. AWS plan starts from $38.56/mo to $285.21/mo. It includes:

  • RAM 2GB to 16GB
  • vCPU 2 Core to 4 Core
  • Storage 20GB
  • Bandwidth 2GB

3. Google Cloud Plan starts from $37.45/mo to $241.62/mo.

  • RAM 1.75GB to 15GB
  • vCPU 1 Core to 4 Core
  • Storage 20GB
  • Bandwidth 2GB

FAQs for Cloudways Black Friday Offer

When is the Cloudways Black Friday Sale start?

Cloudways started the black Friday sale on 10th November, valid till 1st December 2023.

Conclusion on Cloudways Black Friday Sale 2023

Cloudways Black Friday Deals in 2023 is an incredible opportunity to get top-notch hosting services at a discounted price. With a flat 40% discount for the first 4 months and up to 40 free website migrations, you cannot go wrong.

Remember, these deals are only available for a limited time, so take advantage of this opportunity.

So what are you thinking now? Please comment below if you need clarification or want to ask questions.

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